SeamiArt 12/24Grid Watercolor Palette Empty Palette Painting Paint Tray Box for Watercolor Oil Acrylic Paints

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SA-SLH

Material: PPC Material

Grid: 12/24

Available for: 16*20mm Hlaf Pan

12/24 Grids Plastic Box for Paints Subpackage

- Measurements:
12 Grids: 80mm x 60mm x 16mm
24 Grids: 137mm x 82mm x 20mm

- Quality: Plastic

- Usage:
You can separate pigment into watercolor half paint pans then put into the metal box.

✿ Note:
This box is not suitable for travel, since when it is rocked during transit, the blocks inside it will be rocked as well, the half pan blocks can' t be fixed in the box!