Andstal Brutfuner Colored Pencil 520/260/180/160/120/80/50/48/12 Watercolor Professional Drawing Pencils School Kid Art Supplies

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Standard: EN71-CE-ASTM2436

Soluble Or Not: Pastille

Packing: Display Box

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Brutfuner 608

Material: Wooden

Lead Hardness: HB

Lead Color: Colored

Lead: Oil Color/Watercolor

Genuine/Original: Authorized by Brutfuner in China

Color: 12/48/72/50/80/120/150/160/180/260/520

Brand Name: ANDSTAL

Application 2: Coloring

Application 1: Drawing


Andstal Brutfuner Colored Pencils 520/260/180/160/120/80/48/12 Watercolor Professional Drawing Pencil School Kid Art Supplies

*Professional brighter Oil colors for drawing and coloring

*Up to 520 perfect colors for artist painting sketching

*Kids safety certificate lead conform to EN71 and ASTM4236, non-toxic without odour

*Anti-break premium wood with strong lead, easier sharpening

*Classic round barrel for all ages' comfort grip

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Selling Unit:48 Oil Colors; 72 Oil Colors, 120 Oil Colors, 160 Oil Colors, 180 Oil Colors,260 Oil Colors,520 Oil Colors

Selling Unit:48 Water Colors; 72 Water Colors, 120 Water Colors, 150 Water Colors, 180 Water Colors

Selling Unit:Macaron 50 Colors;Macaron 72 Colors;Bright 80 Colors;

Selling Unit:Metallic 12 Colors,50 Colors


This item is strongly recommended by our buyer :French Famous Artist Bruno Art Gallery. Below is Whole Video for 520 Colored Pencils:

TEST et Presentation:

Color chart-box 1:

Color chart -box 2:

Complete color chart FOR 520 COLOR:






1.Brutfuner 72/120/180 Oil Color Pencil(Tin box):

2.Coloring Book:

3.Pencil bag: